Professional Hypnotherapy training provided by currently practising hypnotherapists

You don’t need to have a particularly academic or technical background, you don’t need to be superfit, and you can start at just about any age. You do need to have had a standard education, as there is both written and practical coursework and home study work. Hypnotherapy training Surrey at it’s best. Of course you don’t have to come from Surrey. Since we are based in Bagshot, travel links are good by rail or road, and even Heathrow Airport isn’t far.


Our Courses

The Surrey School of Hypnotherapy is offering accredited hypnotherapy training for a Professional Diploma in Hypnotherapy. You have two choices – the ten month course or the accelerated five month course.


Our Instructors

As well as being a GHR registered hypnotherapist, David Reid is also a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and is a Registered Supplier to the NHS for Hypnotherapy Services.

hypnotherapy training surrey

What can Hypnotherapy cure?

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Well, this is an interesting one. What can hypnotherapy cure? Hypnotherapists never claim to “cure” anything, any more than does a reflexologist, acupuncturist or homeopath, for example. The reason for…
hypnotherapy training surrey

Tell us what you think

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Well, we've been running for a few months now, and have had thousands of visitors to the site. Now let us know what you think of it. How d'you like…
hypnotherapy training surrey

If you’re thinking of enrolling – do it now.

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The next course starts this November, so it's getting very near indeed. Reserve your spot now. By this time next year or even sooner, you could have started a whole…