Hypnotherapy – what could be more satisfying than a career where you can help people, be creative, have some fun, and make a good living? Do all this in the field of hypnotherapy.

You don’t need to have a particularly academic or technical background, you don’t need to be superfit, and you can start learning hypnotherapy at just about any age. Although you do need to have had a standard education, as there is both written and practical coursework and home study work.

What you do need, however, is the ability to talk to people, to empathise with them, to treat them as human beings.

Although you will learn plenty of theory on the courses, there’s a lot of practical person-to-person training too. Then of course once you’ve qualified in hypnotherapy, you’re dealing with people on a daily basis.

In the course, you’ll learn many things. Dealing with the initial consultation and meeting with your clients. How to analyse their situation and character, devising ways of treating and helping them. There are many ways to do just that.  You’ll also learn methods of successfully dealing with some of the more commonly presented situations. Fear of flying or dentists for example. Most of the techniques you’ll learn, though, are designed to be used in dealing with the vast variety of problems that people may be looking to you for help with, as everyone is different, and has different issues.

Hypnotherapy student

You’ll also learn legal and practical requirements of setting yourself up in practice. And about ethics and confidentiality, professional behaviour and presentation and much, much more. Download the prospectus to see a far more comprehensive outline of the course content.

There’s another thing before you move on. This course is taught to the Professional Diploma level of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. This is the largest and best known professional body for hypnotherapists in the UK. More details are on the “About the course” page.