Hello – I’m The Script Doctor.

Step into my consulting room.


Feeling a bit weak?

A bit jaded?

Feeling kind of yucky?

Feeling a bit depressed, downhearted, ineffective?

Not you – your hypnotherapy scripts!

Has the get up and go got up and gone from your prose?

I’m offering a new service to Hypnotherapists, called The Script Doctor.

You’ve likely never heard of this service. The reason for that is simple – nobody else offers it except me.

There are many hypnotherapists out there. Some are established, some are newly qualified, or still training. Some lack confidence or experience in treating certain conditions, or maybe feel they could do with a bit of help in coming up with the right hypnotherapy scripts to be effective. Some are just having an off day – we all have those occasionally.

Now, I know that off-the-shelf scripts and downloads for lots of situations are readily available.  If you’ve ever bought any of these, I’ll bet you’ve found a lot of them to very repetitive and formulaic. Quite a few seem almost to be practically clones of each other, with just a few passages changed which refer to the situation you need help with. All the rest of the script could apply to just about anything.

I came across one recently, presented in the form of an ebook, which claimed to be 28 pages long. Well, it was, but of those 28 pages, I’d say there was only one page, yes one, which was actually relevant to the condition it was supposed to be helping with. Is that good enough for you?

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s far better and more effective to write your own hypnotherapy scripts.

All your training will scream that at you, with some justification. After all, you’re the one that has to deliver it in the most effective way you can, so it needs to reflect your take on things. You need something that will grab your client’s imagination.

It’s not always that easy though, is it? You can adapt one of the scripts you bought, of course. Can you do that and make it your own? Maybe.

But you can easily be left with the feeling that it’s not as effective as you’d like. That you haven’t actually done your best for your client, that you maybe haven’t helped them as much as you could. That you’ve missed something, somehow.

Ever had that feeling? Yes? So here’s the answer.

Write your very own script, and then have it professionally scrutinised and edited and amended as necessary – if necessary – and returned to you, ready to go. It’ll be kept as much as possible to your style, so you’ll be confident of giving a really effective delivery. Of course some scripts will perhaps need more radical changes than others. Some may just benefit from minor tweaks, if anything.

How does that sound?

Very useful but possibly expensive, I hear you say. Not at all. Especially when you consider the benefits to your clients, and therefore your growing reputation. And also when you consider how much all those off-the-shelf scripts have been costing you.

Before we go any further, perhaps you’d like to know who it is that’s making this offer? Well, my name’s David Reid, and I’m both an experienced, practising Ericksonian Hypnotherapist – not just Ericksonian – and the Principal of The Surrey School of Hypnotherapy. Yes, I teach this stuff as well as using it myself every day. I’m a GHR registered practitioner, and a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, as well as being an qualified NLP practitioner and Life Coach.

“I’m still not sure about all this. How do I know how effective it’ll be?”

I don’t blame you for being a bit sceptical. You probably don’t know me personally, and you probably don’t know anyone I’ve treated. After all, you could be reading this anywhere in the world (and I hope you are).

So here’s what I’ll do. Send me one of your hypnotherapy scripts as an email attachment, one you’ve written yourself but aren’t quite satisfied with, one you think there’s something missing from. I’ll cast my sympathetically beady eye over it, and do exactly as I’ve spelled out above, and send it back to you – modified – as soon as I can. Keep it, try it, use it – see what you (and your client) think of it. Don’t send me somebody else’s script, just yours. I’ll ask you to include some other basic (anonymous – no names) info about your client when you send me the hypnotherapy scripts.

What’s it going to cost you? Nothing.

But so that I know you’re seriously interested in my offer, I do ask that you sign up first, before submitting that first script. If you don’t like what modifications and alterations I’ve come up with for you, there’s no charge. Just let me know, and I’ll return your first month’s subscription.

But if you do – and I’m pretty sure you will – just let your subscription stand. You can cancel it anytime you like after the first month. You can submit a maximum of 4 scripts per calendar month for critique and modification.

Once I see that you’ve signed up for your first month, I’ll be in touch to let you know where to send your script, what I need from you, and what additional (anonymous) info I need about your client.

Give it a try, there’s nothing to lose. Sound good? OK – here’s where to go to subscribe.

Subscription to ScriptDoctor Service